Warm, Unscripted, Intimate Wedding Photography

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I photograph weddings all over the country and beyond from my base in deepest darkest Yorkshire and have done for the last 12 years. Over this time I have developed an individual style which draws on both documentary and contemporary styles to allow me to create a visual storyboard of your day and create some joyous images that reflect your day without awkward and tedious posing.

I firmly believe that spending time with your nearest and dearest is precious on your wedding day so I will work entirely around your plans. I expect to be asked to take some family group photographs and will make sure this is as quick and fun as possible.


I photograph from within the wedding with small cameras and short lenses rather than standing outside and shooting in. I believe this creates images with much more meaning and connection. Under the radar is the name of the game.

I work mostly with available light during the day to give a completely natural look that makes sure the colour palette and tones match the your wedding styling.

If you do want some funkily lit shots, maybe in the evening then my fashion photography muscle gets exercised and we can create some sparkling signature images. I draw the line at smoke bombs though :-)


Your wedding plans are utterly unique. Your tastes in colour, fashion and food are just that... Yours. I believe that your wedding photographs should reflect all that is you. Blending photographic styles allows me the space to tell your story as well as the ability to create special signature images which sparkle


Telling the story of the day

From getting ready giggles to nervous glances in church and from reception hugs to crazy dance moves, this style forms the largest part of the day. Using years of experience, a natural instinct to find perfect light I will follow your day, with all its ebbs and flows to create a lasting set of memories.



Creating a unique look

My preference is always to use available light so not to disrupt the day. The exception is where the addition of more light can transform the look of the image. Often this is later in the day with venue, weather, time and preference all playing a part in forming these images.