Caroline & Simon's Wedding at the Hospitium in York

First time we've shot at the Hospitium and we had the pleasure of doing it with Caroline and Simon. Had a cool day and we had lots of sun and just a bit! of a breeze. We had beautiful light later in the day so we whipped Caroline & Simon out to the river for a few shots. After safely negotiating the cobbles in heels (not easy after a long day of Champers) we got some gorgeous shots to close the day

We were really impressed with the levels of attention the team at the Hospitium paid to the day (sometimes you just dont get that kind of attitude) and will certainly be recommending the venue to our couples if they want something a little differant, or if they really like red walls.

As always, if you were there then you'll know the password to get to the gallery, so just go the client lounge and sign in.

but for those of you that weren't there,  here's a preview of some of the images from the day as well as a longer video...

Damian & Charlotte x


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