Brett and Rachael | Crathorne Hall Wedding

Crathorne Hall was the delightful backdrop for Brett and Rachael's Wedding. They wanted a relaxed day without loosing traditional features of a country manor house wedding so kept all the celebrations to the venue.

We were all blessed with great weather for the day so we were able to create a whole series of chapters to their story.


Sally and Russ | Ramada Jarvis Leeds Wedding Photography

Sally and Russ came to us at really short notice and asked us to shoot their wedding at the Ramada Jarvis hotel in North Leeds. Despite being 4 miles from our house, it was the first time we'd shot there and we were genuinely impressed with the attention that the venue paid to getting things just right for Sally and Russ. The day was a close family affair and whilst we didn't get outdoors much the room at the hotel gave a lovely space to capture some great shots of family and friends.

The light faded pretty quickly on the day and so we got everyoe outside for some funky flash shots using the gazebo in thegrounds. Well done to everyone who got very much into the groove although th boys seemed waaaay too interested in using it as an excuse to attempt a very poor pole dance. Shame on you all. You know who you are!

Apart from Sally and Russ looking so young and making me feel old, it was lovely to be treated like a family member. It wa a really memorable day with a super couple.

Sarah and Phil | Lower Bradfield Wedding Photography

We must have a thing about FireFighters. Two in as many weeks. They know how to party! Sarah and Phil decided to get married at the beautifully picturesque High Bradfield church then meandedred down the hillside to have their reception and celebrations in the village hall in Lower Bradfield

Despite threatening to spoil its manners the weather behaved just at teh right times for us and we took full advantage of Autumn sunlight streaming through the trees. It was really magical light for some of the afternoon.

Phil and Sarah's friends had dressed the room in Brown and Orange and the village hall looked tremendous, with lots of twinkly lights and crystals. During the meal they had a fab singer and guitarist to keep everyone entertained. Tell you what, that girl Kat can sing...

We couldn't resist getting the flashguns out later to mess about with a few shots on the tennis courts next to the hall (there's one shot in the collage below0 and even though we didn’t leave until after 10pm we missed the boys from the fire station doing the full monty….

We had so many laughs with Phil and Sarah, it was another fantastic day in the office

Jo and Gary | Woodthorpe Hall Wedding Photography

Damian most definately met his match with Gary and the friendly banter was flowing throughout the day. Mostly with Jo giving gary that dissaproving look she excercises so regularly. We think its the years in the Fire Service that's sharpened his wit! We could tell that the day was going to be special when we visited Woodthorpe Hall for the first time and Dick (the owner) got his home made cider out for us to try. Damian can testify that Magners it is not, and caution needed to be taken when approaching the nuclear strength apple juice. We dread to think how much of Dick's supplies got downed on the day, but a gaggle of thirsty firefighters needs volume!

The ceremony took place in the lovely St Bartholomew’s church in Old Whittington, then moved onto a BIG marquee in the grounds of  Woodthorpe Hall.

Gary had raised the Canadian flag in honour of Jo and her family and we think this prompted the longest and most emotional father's speech we've heard in a long time. Yes, Damian cried! He also cried when Gary read Jo a poem he'd written specially for the wedding. Then Jo cried, then everyone cried. there was lots of crying going on!

Fuelled by the magnificent cider, Jo threw her bouquet and Gary ended up throwing his dress uniform cap. The music started and the celebrating went on well after we'd left for home.

Days like this remind us of what's important in life and its about celebrating what you have and less about what you could have, if only.....

Thankd for allowing us the share your celebration. It was a truly stunning day.

Bex and David : Engagement Shoot

Sometimes the light just behaves itself perfectly, making that lovely soft, warm glow that just wraps itself round everything it touches. its so nice when that happens, especially when you're shooting a lovely couple who are being super creative about their October Wedding plans. You really need to check out Bex's blog about her wedding plans... The creativeness and care that's being taken to make this a truly stunning day is truly impressive. Go girl!!!

Check it out here....

We just wanted to share a small selection of images from the shoot. Look at the shoes.. They're VERY important!!!!

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