Rebecca and Richard Engagement | Crow Hill Wedding Photography

We were delighted when Rebecca and Richard asked us to shoot their wedding at Crow Hill in Marsden. Rebecca's wedding at Crow Hill is going to be very special in many ways but the one thing we can't escape is that Rebecca's Mum and Dad own Crow Hill and Rebecca runs most of the weddings held there. No pressure then. In the run up to the wedding we always get together for a Pre Wedding shoot and it was no different for Rebecca and Richard. We shot in and around Crow Hill in Marsden and used a bit of combined local knowledge to find the perfect spot for a Sun vs. Flash finish shot with Rebecca's funky little drop top.

Looking forward to the wedding complete with horse drawn carriage and a hand made dress that no one has seen. Hmmm, whats it going to be like???


Kathryn and Richard Engagement | Crow Hill Wedding Photography

Its always great to get a chance to shoot in Manchester's Castlefield area. For those not in the know its a wonderful network of canal basins, cool bars, funky bridges and more cool bars. As Kathryn and Richard live close to Manchester we took the opportunity on what must have been the hottest day of the year to get together for their pre wedding shoot. The very lovely Crow Hill in Marsden will be the venue for their intimate wedding plans. We first met Kathryn and Richard at a Crow Hill Wedding fayre so it's nice to be coming full circle and looking forward to the big day together.


Lucy and Andrew | Crow Hill Wedding Photography

Lucy and Andrew decided that they'd have a proper Yorkshire wedding, right in the heart of Yorkshire at the lovely Crow Hill. Officially, they had been legally married in London the week before their day because they had wanted to have a humanist ceremony outside on the lawn. It was a real treat for us to be working with a ceremony that was so light. The open air ceremony started the day of in magnificent style.

Reception drinks that were half pints of Black Sheep, Marsden brass band playing to entertain the guests and to top it all off a 3 tier Pork Pie for the cake. Damian fitted right in here as he grew up 2 miles from the venue and enjoys beer, brass and pies. He still managed to do some work as you can see below.

This venue is pretty special and the combnation of country house and marquee is done better here than most other venues we shoot at. Its so good in fact that when Damian is 39 and 13 months this year (he can't say 40) this is where we're hosting a weekend bash. Yes, he is having a pie, the same as Lucy and Andrew's.

Even though Andrew bought the "wrong" suit, the day went perfectly and the blue of the bridesmaids dresses matched in perfectly with the surroundings. We were blessed with a stunning weather day in Marsden so everyone enjoyed the outdoors until very late in the evening.

A wonderful day in a place close to our hearts, completed by a lovely group of people.