Christine and Chris | Hodsock Priory Wedding Photography

Christine and Chris chose Hodsock Priory for their wedding but added some very special elements to their day to make it truly their own. Christine's Mum is a vicar and so when the civil ceremony was complete everyone moved outside for the blessing conducted by Mum. We were hugely impressed how everyone kept it together . We know that we'd have been in bits had that happened to us.

Chris's sense of humour extended out to all of the chaps so we had a bit of fun with catalogue poses (their choice), following which, the croquet skills were something to behold. We also found out that girls are much better than chaps at giant Jenga. Much, much better in fact. We think it must have been the beer and sun!!

Lovely day, lovely people




Clare and Richard | Hodsock Priory Wedding Photography

A wonderful relaxed wedding at the beautiful Hodsock Priory. One of the perks of our job is spending time in these magnificent old country houses. We have total respect for George and his family in keeping Hodsock looking so great, all the time. It did seem like Clare and Richard had chosen the coldest day of the year to get married. Damian is pretty warm blooded and even he put a jumper on. Thank goodness for the real fires.

The day started with Clare having her hair done at Rubies in Bawtry, the gang then moved to Hodsock where they where greeted with their fantastic bouquets, put together beautifuly by Jo Price Flowers They were just right for the time of year and looked fabulous set against the Christmas decorations.

Music is an important part of Clare and Richard's history and Clare's old piano teacher and her husband had written a piece especially for Clare and Richard. it was really touching. Less touching was being announced into your wedding breakfast to the sound of the Propellerheads "on her majesty's secret service". Cool!

Their simple but elegant cake was made by Sam at Little Goodies. Cup cakes all round!. It smelt way too good.

The evening was kicked of by The Nerds. Its fair to say they may be called The Nerds, but they can certainly bang a great tune out and it didnt take long for everyone to be on their feet.

Great day, Great fun. An absolute pleasure!


Clare and Richard | Engagement Shoot | Sheffield

Clare and Richard are getting married in December at Hodsock Priory so we hooked up with them in Sheffield to get some Engagement Images. Its fair to say that Richard was not necessarily looking forward to the shoot as much as Clare, but in Clare's words he ended up looking "hot". I'll take that as a satisfied customer! Its always great fun getting to know people and seeing everyone loosen up when we've taken a few shots. We're both really looking forward to the wedding and as long as Clare leaves us alone with the spreadsheet planning vibe she's got going on then we'll be just dandy.(only joking Clare, you can send us a spready anytime) :-)