Sally and Russ | Ramada Jarvis Leeds Wedding Photography

Sally and Russ came to us at really short notice and asked us to shoot their wedding at the Ramada Jarvis hotel in North Leeds. Despite being 4 miles from our house, it was the first time we'd shot there and we were genuinely impressed with the attention that the venue paid to getting things just right for Sally and Russ. The day was a close family affair and whilst we didn't get outdoors much the room at the hotel gave a lovely space to capture some great shots of family and friends.

The light faded pretty quickly on the day and so we got everyoe outside for some funky flash shots using the gazebo in thegrounds. Well done to everyone who got very much into the groove although th boys seemed waaaay too interested in using it as an excuse to attempt a very poor pole dance. Shame on you all. You know who you are!

Apart from Sally and Russ looking so young and making me feel old, it was lovely to be treated like a family member. It wa a really memorable day with a super couple.