Bridal Fashion at The Met Hotel, Leeds

We had the pleasure of shooting some cool bridal fashion for Precious Bridal at the Leeds Met Hotel recently. A real team effort, we ended up with 4 models, a bunch of gowns and a few lenses, so a massive thanks to the team for pulling it off in proper order. I lost count of the bags of lighting gear we got through. Thanks goes as always to The Flash Centre for feeding my appetite for gear.

Here are a few shots from the day and but take a look at the links to all involved. Great people to work with and really quality focussed



Beautiful Gowns from Precious Bridal

Great Hotel by Principle Hayley Hotels

Serious make up (and a touch of modelling) from Emma Harper

Unique head pieces and jewellery by EOS Jewellery

Kate from katherine May Veue Decor dressed the Hotel

As always, Fiona from Firenza provided pretty floral arrangements

Full respect for the extra shooting power from my buddies Michael, Chris and John



Lynne and Michael | Bagden Hall Wedding

Lynne and Michael chose Bagden Hall for their celebrations after their wedding ceremony in the delightfully intimate chapel at Newmillerdam in Wakefield. As active members of the chapel, there really was only one place where Lynne and Michael were going to be married and it was super to experience a ceremony so meaningful to all those present.

Lynne allowed Michael to choose a fantastic MK1 Jag for their transport and we couldn't resist a Top Gear shot as we overtook on the way back to the venue.

We are in the process of designing a fantastic Queensberry Duo album for Lynne and Michael. We'll blog and Facebook that once the craftsmen have done their stuff in New Zealand.