Mattie & Bertie's 4 legs are better than two photo shoot

Hi everyone Before the snow came we drove out to the East Coast to shoot a couple of our four legged friends.

Bertie is a really small Jack Russell and is a real terrier. He's the cutest thing though with his little pink nose. He can certainly move though and outran Mattie a few times chasing the ball. He's a real character and was a real cheeky chappie to shoot.




Mattie is a rescue dog that spent some time with the dogs trust (which is also where we got Sam from). She's a real lover and loves to lick faces, hands, legs and lenses as it turns out. Good job we always carry a towel!!



We ended up soaked from laying down in a sodden field. Ah well, its all worth it to get great images of a couple of lovely dogs really enjoying themselves.

Do give the dogs trust your support whenever you can. They're a great organisation that cares for abandoned dogs superbly.

Let us know what you think of these photos.

See ya soon


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