More TV adventures and our Online Petition

Hi everyone. Seems like a good while since I updated the blog, but we've had an exciting time over the last week or so. Firstly we were asked by ITV's This Morning Programme to go down to London to have a chat with Eamonn and Ruth.

The show was live and was ever so slightly nerve wracking. That stuff doesn't usually get to me but Eamonn's got a deep penetrating stare!

Anyhow, here's the link to the story on the ITV This Morning website

Then, we've found that there's an online petition running to get some action from the council. If you feel strongly enough about the nonsense policies that the council are following then you just need to follow the link to the petition website

For those not fully up to speed with what we're doing then the BBC Five Live Website has the full story including the initial interview we did with Victoria Derbyshire (who was ace).

Thanks everyone. I'll update again when i've had the next session on the scales at SureSlim.

Best wishes