Our adoption - We've just got famous (ish)

Hi everyone Just wanted to let everyone know about our plans to adopt as we’re not able to have kids naturally.

We’ve been told that I’ve got to loose a load of weight before we can progress our application. Our story has been plastered all over the press this week after BBC Five Live did an interview with us.

It seems that we’ve stirred up a whole load of opinion about whether weight matters in parenting. Not like us to be controversial!

Just for the record. The point that we are trying to make is that weight should definately be taken into serious consideration as part of the process, but should not be the only thing, or the thing that stops everything else. Not, as some people have got into their heads that being overweight is OK and it doesnt matter either way.

Anyhow, here’s some links to some of the coverage we’ve had. Please dont laugh at the video’s…

Oh yes, they spelt my name wrong and got my job wrong. Other than that its all pretty good!





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