Shelly and Jemma: Mrs and Mrs!!

Talk about exciting! We were honoured when Shelly and Jemma chose us to be their photographers. We know its supposed to be called a Civil Partnership, but I challenge anyone to call it that when its pretty obvious to us that it was a beautiful, glorious wedding. In fact in Shelly and Jemma's words their "Big Fat Gay Wedding".

We love to travel and new venues to us are a real treat, so to get down to a part of the world we love and have family in was a double brilliant thing. Add some truly wonderful weather and a properly excitable couple in a lovely venue, we had such a memorable day.

Its also the day that Damian dropped a brand new camera and lens combo from 5ft onto a stone floor, where he discovered that Canon's do not bounce maybe as well as he thought and that new swear words are only a hop skip and a jump away when you trash three grands worth of kit..

We still had a superb time though, so thanks Girls (and Michael). you're two and a best man in a million

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