Choosing who will share your day and create lifelong tangible memories with you can be one of the most important decisions you make when planning your wedding. Your photographer has to reflect your spirit and has to connect with everything you will feel on the day

Getting Ready


The excitement begins as soon as you spring out of bed on your wedding morning. Some brides love noise and bustle whilst some seek a quieter place in which to get ready. Whatever your choice, this is a very special time for you to spend with your closest friends. Soak up every second while I sneak around shooting those lovely interactions.

The Little Things

Sometimes the smallest things mean the most, especially when you've planned your day meticulously to reflect your style and your taste. Flowers, shoes, table settings, favours.... they all add up to create the look and feel for your day. They deserve some creative attention and to be captured beautifully.          

The Ceremony

Some are somber, some are full of noise and colour. Whatever you have planned for your ceremony I will make sure that I'll be in just the right places to get those special fleeting glances at each other and those little reassuring touches of your hands. My cameras are almost silent so there will be no clunking to spoil the mood as you commit to each other.

And Breathe...

Whether you have 10 minutes or 30, we'll head for a little slice private time where you can take a breath, relax, have a little drink and get lovely and cosy. I believe that time with your friends and family on your wedding day is the most important thing so I am completely led by you on how long we have to create your images, making the most of the environment.

Speech, Speech!

Nerves, tears, heartfelt appreciation and cringing at those "seemed funnier when I wrote it" jokes. My approach here depends on the space and the venue, sometimes I can be up close and personal, sometimes I need to be a little further away. Either way I'm on the lookout for little sparks of connection between individuals that creates a special moment.

Happy Feet

Time to let some hair down. Sometimes literally. Whatever floats your boat musically, I'll be around to make sure that all the terrible dance moves are captured for posterity. Once things start to get a little "messy" I'll make a retreat. When I say I'm yours for the day I really do mean it.